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Need a stair lift in Utah? You can have a look for online suppliers - or select from a number of companies that specialise in serving residents in the state.

Safeguard Stairlifts offers residential stair lifts to people in Utah. The company sells and installs devices from the Sterling range of stair lifts. They can be fitted to stairs that are straight, curved or spiral staircases. Stair lifts include battery power that can operate the lift in the event of a power cut.

Mountain West Stairlifts supplies products from the Stannah range to people in the Mountain West region, including Utah. The range of models supplied includes brands such as the Sofia, Solus, Saxon and the specialist Stannah outdoor stairlift. A range of upholstery colours and finishes is available. The business has a Utah location in Bountiful, UT.

Utah Custom Lift & Elevator offers a range of products that includes stair lifts, residential elevators and wheelchair lifts. The business serves an area that includes Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. Stair lifts are supplied from the Bruno and ThyssenKrupp Access ranges and include models that can be set up to travel at set speed suitable for the purchaser. The company also supplies a variety of lift products for commercial premises - such as elevators, dumbwaiters and freight lifts.


Safeguard Stairlifts.

Mountain West Stairlifts. Location: Bountiful, UT.

Utah Custom Lift & Elevator. Location: Grand Junction, Colorado.