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A number of stair lift suppliers serve customers in Vermont.

Nationwide Lifts supplies people in Vermont with stair lifts and other lift products from its office in Concord, NH. The company can install products from the Bruno range of stair lifts. These can be fitted to indoor, outdoor and straight or curved stairs. Other devices in the company's portfolio include elevators, dumbwaiters and wheelchair lifts. Elevators can be supplied in a variety of finishes and configurations for residential premises - including examples with all-round clear acrylic panels for passengers to see their surroundings as they travel up and down.

Freedom Lifts is a stair lift company that sells products to Vermont customers. The business is located in Danielson, CT. Its range of products includes stair lifts suitable for straight, curved and outdoor stairs. The company offers used stair lifts as well as new items. Freedom Lifts also sells elevators, dumbwaiters and wheelchair lifts.

All-Ways Accessible sells stair lifts and other lift products to an area that includes Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Stair lifts are available for residential and commercial premises. Other devices supplied include wheelchair lifts, dumbwaiters and bath lifts. Elevators can be installed in to homes or businesses by the company.


Nationwide Lifts. Location: Concord, NH.

Freedom Lifts. Location: Danielson CT.

All-Ways Accessible. Location: Concord, NH.