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Stair lift warranty

Any product can break down. When it's something as essential as a stair lift, you want to make sure that a stair lift warranty you have purchased will cover you for all eventualities.

Suppliers will often include a warranty type guarantee when fitting a new device.

It is worth checking with your stair lift company exactly what this covers and how long you are protected.

Stair lift warranties can be applied to both new and used stair lifts.

Some insurers will sell separate policies that will cover you for issues such as accidental damage, mechanical and electrical breakdown and and costs for parts, labour or callout fees.

It's worth asking any insurance company - or your stair lift supplier if they sell you the warranty themselves - what happens if your stair lift needs to be taken away for any period of time. Would they fit a temporary replacement? Or would you be left without a stair lift until such time as your own stair lift is repaired?

It is sometimes possible to purchase policies that cover all the mobility devices in your home - so if you have a stair lift, bath hoist or any other device, you may be able to buy an all-in-one policy for less than the cost of separate insurance plans.

Many stair lift warranties will be dependent on you having your stair lift serviced at regular intervals.

It is worth looking at websites of various stair lift manufacturers and installation companies - they usually have details of warranty cover and this can help make your mind up about the different levels of protection available.