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Stairlift Buyback

Some stairlift companies will offer to buy back your stairlift if you no longer have a use for it.

People's circumstances change and a stairlift may not be required because of reasons such as ill health, a house move or a stairlift upgrade.

Buybacks are sometimes offered as part of an original stairlift sales package. But you need to make sure you are aware of the terms you are signing up for.

Some stairlift users have been reported to be very disappointed with the amounts offered for their used stairlift - figures as low as £60 have been quoted in UK press articles for stairlifts that originally cost more than £1,200.

Companies stress that they have the cost of removal and refurbishment to consider before they then sell-on the used stairlift.

So if you are offered a buyback option at the time you purchase a stairlift it is worth checking exactly how much the stairlift retailer is prepared to offer you.

Buyback amounts may depend on the age and condition of your stairlift.