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Stair Lift Manufacturers: United Kingdom

Ability Lifts Company offers platform lifts. The website promotes the Optimum range which includes wheelchair platform stair lifts, enclosed vertical platform lifts, and external, portable and home lifts. Site has details of specifications for each model and includes downloadable brochures in pdf. format. There is a case studies section with details of models that have been installed in a variety of settings. Location: Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Acorn Stairlifts This site is for the Acorn range of stairlifts and has sections for the markets it serves worldwide. At time of writing these include the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Portugal, Brazil and Poland. Sections have details about specifications and features for both indoor and outdoor stairlifts. There is information about the company's manufacturing facility and head office in Yorkshire and its dealership network worldwide. The company offers a free video called Choosing A Stairlift and there are details of how to obtain it. Location: Steeton, Yorkshire.

Bespoke Stairlifts Company specilises in the manufacture of stairlifts for curved or complicated staircases. Site has details of the BS101 stairlift, which features a slim carriage and rail. New and refurbished stairlifts are available. Stairlifts have a 19 stone load capacity. Site includes warranty and installation information. There is a news section with details of latest developments. Location: Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

Bison Bede This firm manufactures a range of stair lifts for curved and straight stairs. And a range of bath lifts are also produced. Details of each of the company's stair lifts are given with pictures and specifications. The site tells visitors how to request a brochure or locate a dealer. A news section has information about latest developments and there is a "how to buy" section with advice on purchasing a stair lift. Location: Consett, Co Durham

Caltech Site has details of this independent Scottish company's manufacture and design of various types of lift. Stair lifts are among the products profiled. The site has details of these and disabled access lifts, passenger and goods lifts. There are details of the company's supply and installation services for the stairlifts and other products. Location: Dundee

Companion Stairlifts This company's site has details of its range of stair lifts for curved or straight stairs. Stair lifts have a choice of seat and footrest height settings, according to the website. There is information about rental, reconditioned and new stair lifts. The company says it will fit and deliver on a UK-wide basis. There are different sections describing its range of products and fitting options. Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire

Handicare Company offers a range of stair lifts for curved and straight stairs both indoors and outdoors. Customers can use an online tool to choose specifications. Site has details of options and installation. Has information about company history which dates back to the 1880s in the Netherlands and then incorporated Minivator and Freelift brands in 2010. Location: Kingswinford, West Midlands.

Level Access Lifts Firm manufactures a range of platform lifts and disabled level access lifts. Website has details of cabin lifts, semi-enclosed lifts, inclined and open-vertical lifts. There is information about lifts for different locations and stair widths. Site has downloadable brochures for the range of products. The Flexstep Compact is an integrated lift and set of stairs in the same package. Location: Southampton

MediTek Stairlifts This English company manufactures stair lifts for global markets, according to its website. The site has details of stair lifts, their features and accessories. There are specifications of lifts for indoor and outdoor use, which include models with visual diagnostic fault finding displays. Stand and perch stairlifts are manufactured by the company. The firm's MultiFlight stair lift is designed to go up and down stairs that have an intermediate landing or change in direction. Location: Fleet, Hampshire.

Minivator Minivator is a manufacturer of stair lifts and other mobility aids including bath lifts, through-floor lifts and domestic elevators. Stair lifts include models for straight and curved stairs. Visitors to the site can either download a brochure or request that one be sent to them. A downloads section shows images of the Minivator range. User and installation manuals are also available for download, as are technical data sheets. The site also has details of company news and there are separate portals for suppliers and dealers to log in to. Location: Kingswinford, West Midlands.

Platform Lift Company This firm manufactures a range of platform lifts which include a platform stair lift. The stair lift can be fitted to all types of stairs whether curved or straight, according to the site. Wheelchair users and their companions can use such a lift. Other types of platform lifts are featured on the site. These include custom special lifts made to customer requirements. Location: Andover, Hampshire.

Pollock Lifts This company manufactures a range of through floor lifts. Included on the site is a section for the firm's disabled stair lifts. These include wheelchair Lifts, side hung lifts, platform Lifts, ceiling hoists, through floor, public access and independence steplifts. Details of each type of lift with pictures and specifications are given in appropriate sections. There is also a resources section with links to related websites.

Stannah Stair lifts are among a range of powered lifts offered by this company. The site has details about Stannah's worldwide operation, including sales within the UK. There are details about the company's history and the range of stair lifts it offers. Stairlifts for straight, curved and outdoor stairs are available. There is information about rental and reconditioned stair lifts. And the site has a section outlining the company's history. Location: Andover, Hampshire.

Terry Lifts Company offers a range of wheelchair, commercial and home lifts. Home lifts include through-floor lifts, wheelchair platform stair lifts and low rise step lifts. Website has details of these products and also public access lifts. Portable wheelchair access lifts are also supplied. The firm's Lifestyle home elevator is a compact home lift. Location: Knutsford, Cheshire

TK Encasa This site promotes the ThyssenKrupp Encasa range of stair lifts, home lifts and platform lifts. Products can be supplied and installed direct by the manufacturer, the site says. Includes details of stair lifts for curved, spiral and straight stairs. There is information about installation and aftercare. Location: Stockton On Tees

Wessex Medical A range of lifts including wheelchair lifts, vertical lifts and platform stair lifts are manufactured by this company. There is detailed information about each product sold featuring pictures and specifications. Home lifts include platform lifts and there are details of their design and operation. Public access lifts are also featured. A news section includes product news and there is another section about how to purchase. Location: Romsey, Hampshire



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