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Used stair lift

Looking to save money on the cost of a new stair lift? Buying a used stair lift is one way to save some cash.

A used stair lift will offer a saving over the price of a brand new example.

Many stair lift installation companies offer pre-owned stair lifts alongside their range of new devices. Often they will buy back stair lifts from customers they have supplied them to when new, once the equipment is no longer required any more.

Some online stair lift sales companies also offer second hand stairlifts.

What should you look for when buying a used stair lift?

Questions that you may want to ask include:


  • what sort of life did the stair lift have?
  • does the manufacturer still supply spare parts?
  • has the installation company refurbished or reconditioned the unit?
  • what happens if it breaks down? Is the stair lift covered by the same sort of warranty or guarantee that would come with a new example?

You could also look to source a used stair lift yourself. Stair lifts do come up for sale from time to time in classified advertising sections of local newspapers and on online auction sites.

A used stair lift bought direct from the previous owner may offer more savings - but it could come with extra work and potential hazards. It may be that you are required to remove the stair lift from the previous property and then install it in your home - and many people will not have the technical skills to carry out these tasks. Also, buying a used stair lift this way means you have very little come-back if it breaks down - rectifying any faults will most likely be up to you to do.