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Stair Lift Manufacturers: USA and Canada

Ameriglide This company manufactures stair lifts for home installation. Stairlifts can also be installed for customers by Ameriglide if they wish this service, the site says. There are details of battery and mains powered stair lifts for curved and straight stairs.The site gives advice on how people should take measurements if they intend to fit the stairlift themselves. FAQs, testimonials and delivery details are included. There is technical and electrical information plus dimensional drawings of the Ameriglide units. Location: Raleigh, NC

Brooks Stairlifts (USA) This site describes the company's 30 year history of providing stair lifts. Stair lifts can be supplied for home installation. The firm's stairlifts are operated using a joystick for a smooth stop-start action, according to the website. Wireless remote control allows a lift to be called to the required position. And lifts feature a lap harness. Further information describes stairlift specifications and purchase information.

Bruno This company makes a range of products for people with mobility difficulties - including stair lifts. The site has details of the company's range of battery-powered stair lifts for domestic and business premises. There is information about the firm's dealer network and technical specifications. Details of the company's range of stairlifts are featured. Other products include automotive lifts and automotive seating. Location: Oconomowoc, WI

Butler Mobility This website has details of the firm's range of stair lifts, wheelchair lifts and dumb waiters. Details of the Butler Imperial stair lift are given with specifications and pictures. Another model, the belt-driven Breeze, is also showcased. There is information about installation and servicing and brochures are available for download. Vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts are also shown on the site. Location: York, PA

Easy Climber Site has details of the Easy Climber stair lift. Includes information about stair lift features, installation and operation. Site has details about the Easy Climber's swivel seat and back-up power feature. Location: Colonial Heights, VA

Garaventa Lift Home elevators, wheelchair lifts and evacuation chairs are profiled on this website. Also manufactured are inclined and vertical platform lifts. Home elevators include the Elvoron and Elvoron Stella, a heavy duty model. Site has details of the firm's product range with information about specifications and dealers internationally. There is advice about which lift type is most suitable for different situations.

Inclinator This site has details of stair lifts and package lifts. The package lifts are designed to carry packages up flights of stairs and there is information about their design and operation. There are details of the firm's stairlifts and their specifications. Also manufactured are elevators, vertical lifts and dumb waiters. Downloadable PDF files are available with information about the range of products. Location: Harrisburg, PA

Summit Lifts This website profiles the Summit stairlift, its manufacture and features. There are details of its design and specifications. The site also has information about the company's warranty. And there is a section with details of technical infromation. Advice on how to locate a dealer is given. A section is set aside to describe the company's history and operating philosophies. Location: Lake Winnebago, MO

ThyssenKrupp Access This company's website contains a number of personal stories to illustrate how its stairlifts have been used. The stories describe people with different mobility needs who have bought stairlifts made by the firm. Details of the company's operations in the USA and worldwide are given. There is information about stair lift specifications relating to the needs of buyers. Advice on how to contact the company is also given. Grandview, MO



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